Racism Tumour, plight of humanity

Recent racial contentious events in USA and the riot reaction of population against the American justice system in relation with the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, on August 9, 2014, Ferguson Missouri state, demonstrate that cancerous malady of racism is still alive and functional and takes a heavy toll among human societies. Likewise, Eric Garner’s death On July 17, 2014, in the Tompkinsville neighbourhood of Staten Island, New York, is the further evidence hinting to police atrocious and discriminatory  behaviour against black population of the technologically most advanced society like USA. It is almost common feature of the so-called civilised western societies that every now and then we are witnessing and experiencing such a shameful phenomenon in London, Paris, New York and Los Angles, just to name a few.

The police tactic and policy at home in those western societies, match exactly the sort of policing that adapted by western colonial and imperial powers, England in their forefront, to manage the people under their racist and discriminatory yoke. It is the very well-known historical fact that the same colonial policing have been utilised by western power against their domestic people whenever they felt necessary. The brutal nature of USA, England and France policing towards their denigrated and somehow vilified minority population, is the continuation of that very colonial policing which almost always triggers population riot against the authorities. This time round, it is the manner of policing in Afghanistan and Iraq that come back home and take its toll from their citizens.

Racial and ethnic discrimination in that way, incite ethnic contention and put the integrity and self-proclaimed democracy and stability of the society under question. Each and every time that the well metastasised chronic racism tumour oozes out and osmoses its venomous product catalysed by discriminatory policing, a gaggle of sociologists, psychologists, criminologists and whatever-logist accompanied by politicians appear at the public arena to try to isolate particular unfortunate and unpleasant social happenings, according to them, in order to revamp and to heal the chasm and wound instigated by that malicious racism tumour.

Despite the desperate attempt by so-called expertise and their paymaster to separate any concrete riot from its actual causes and the historical background, a cursory glance at the history of that type of social unrest illustrates the fact that population riot is an historical event and occurs whenever the legitimate or illegitimate authorities treats people inhumanly. Right from Rom’s riot in 44 BC, Alexandria riot 40 BC and Constantinople riot, Byzantine Empire, 532 AD up to the last one in USA, all are of the same historical nature and functionalities. By the same token one can add numerous population riot reaction in colonised countries and so-called slave riot against inhuman slavery. As it was the case with colonialism and slavery, population riot as the closest social events to revolution, paved the way for social changes and re-modification and reconfiguration of social class and ethnic configuration’s structure. Riot in colonised countries evolved into fully fledged revolution and broke the backbone of colonialism culminated in independence states, Indian mutiny and its development up to independence is a prominent example. In the same historical manner, captive African black people riot against the evil of slavery progressed into freedom movements and carved out significant part of lands around Caribbean area. Haiti, Jamaica as state and country are two prominent and invaluable victory of superiority of human nature of black culture over slavery. Facing the formidable black captives’ resistance and their resilient, vigorous struggle against malicious criminality of slavery, Adam Smith the renowned economist announced that slavery is not profitable any more without any hint to the political and social cause of that unprofitability of slavery. He, instead, highlighted machinery tools.

Wide range discussion and debate over the last riot in Furgusan, globally, reflect the very nature of riot as the dynamic factor to bring about at least the alteration in authority’s behaviour. Spain’s EL Pais, Portugal’s Publico, Denmark’s Politiken, France’s Liberation, German’s Taggespiegle, Die welt and Taggeszeitung, British papers in general paid special attention to the Fergusan event and partaken in the discourse over riot. Fergusan riot became a global issue. From extreme left to extreme right, China, Russia, Iran, Egypt and many other countries and states put forward their pros and cons arguments pertaining to Fergusan event. Adding the massive volume of communication and dispute in social media to that discourse widened the global and massive mass dimension of recent riot in America, the self-proclaimed beacon of democracy and freedom.

To come clear about the causes of Fergusan riot it is worthwhile to represent the general picture of the social condition prevailed there which published by Amnesty International USA. In their report of October 24, 2014, Amnesty International USA asserted  “concerns for human rights in Ferguson, related to the use of lethal force in the death of Brown, racial discrimination and excessive use of police force, imposition of restrictions on the rights to protest, intimidation of protesters, the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and long range acoustic devices, restrictions imposed on the media covering the protests, and lack of accountability for law enforcement policing protests”. This picture is the reminiscences of the type of dictatorial and oppressive regimes imposed by USA on Latin American countries. Adding to the well unpleasant notoriety relating to Abu Ghreib in Iraq and Bagram in Afghanistan, extraordinary rendition policy, the recent report of CIA atrocity and torture against their detainees further blurred the beacon of freedom. Fergusan is yet another known colonial policing, this time round, CIA agenda, coming back home and been utilised against African- American black people in a situation more like colonised land according to the above mentioned report. Taken into account the fate of Native American and the plights of living in Nazi like concentration camps deliberately imposed on them by consecutive American governments up to the present time, one cannot help oneself of laughable democratic situation where the dignity of human life have been downtrodden at that level.

Native people plight in the whole continent of America, Australia and Africa instigated historically by millennia old religious racism and discrimination which later replaced and enhanced by modern scientific racism stemmed from European societies. What we, at our present time, are witnessing in this regard around the world in many different shape and form, is the continuation of the same malicious malady of racism tumour that lives on albeit much more enhanced than ever of course.

Feeble and ineffective leadership or even the lack of it, is the major obstacle in the way of riot to impose and achieve any tangible success in social changes. Recent experiences hinting to the fact that the political authorities and their hired expertise succeeded in associating recent riots in western societies with criminal acts. As such, the riot loses its historical momentum and dynamic nature for social change and its very natural and historical purpose as it is the case with almost all historical instances, particularly, the civil right movement in America.

Riot in western societies is the inherited legacy of colonial and imperial domination. From the face value of riot there, it is apparent that riot has not deep and fundamental social and political changes in its strategy. The gap between riot and revolution remains and there is no ground and social environment for the riot to evolve and to develop into serious revolutionary act in western societies. Therefore the fight and struggle for justice seems to continue in the way of rioting frequently and regularly as seen in recent history of western countries. Defiance to the deeply rooted and institutionalised discrimination and offensive racism, underlies the kernel of the causations of riot. Blunt Racism and discrimination in western society exalted to the commonly contrived pseudoscience purported to justify the very unjustifiable and rationalise the very irrationality nature of racism in action, afoot in western countries.

 Contrary to its very definition, the very scientific advances that would have naturally and inevitably nullified and discarded the notion of racism, have been abused and deliberately distorted in the way to consolidate the reeking idea of racism. Rely on real science, decent and honest scientists are well aware that the myth of biological superiority and inferiority among human are absolutely nonsense and in many biological aspects, human are way behind animal kingdom and their biological capabilities. Despite this undeniable proven fact, natural and social pseudoscience reemphasised and perpetuated the deified and divinised notion of racism formulated in religious scriptures. Shifting from god’s instruction and decree into science and scientific findings to perpetrate the act of annihilation of people misperceived inferior to the European white man, was the outcomes of racism in action during the very first stage of scientific developments in 18th and 19th century. Technological advance and achievements provide their necessary and most desired means to carry out the act of racism in the most abhorring and shameful manner. Western voyages with their deadly biological warfare cargos navigated around the world to destroy and to annihilate countless people from Easter Island to Asia, to Africa, to America and to Hawaii. Western racism or misnomer white man racism, plagued humanity and inflicted deep would on its very existence. The act of destruction and annihilation of advanced Native American civilisations under the banner of lord have been replaced by the act of newly fledged mass murderer equipped mentally and psychologically and instrumentally by advanced social pseudoscience and natural science.

Is appears that western racism have manipulated every scientific progress and achievements to reinforce its ground and its perpetuity as it was the case with the religious racism. The irony of the matter is that western racism disguised in pseudoscience, hence scientific racism, have been presented to the world in a way that nowadays its very victims take the role of its historical perpetrators, as it is the case in religious racism especially the recent emergence of Islam. To illustrate this point it would be worthwhile and suffice to hint to the communism and its follower among its victims.

Communism have been concocted  on two pillar of historical materialism and historical dialectic by manipulating the deliberately distorted historical and philosophical realities and principles for political purposes of certain group of people namely white man of Europe only. To the pioneers of communism, people outside the realm of their European fantasy, basically were not of the value of humanity. Black people, Native American, Chinese, Asian and African people, particularly Slavic people were out of history according to communism tenet. The fate of those major parts of humanity was inevitable annihilation or give way as they put it. Mordechai Heinrich levy (Karl Marx) founder of communist ideology did not hesitate to make his shameful and brute bestial idea about the fate of those people apparent. He asserted: “The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way… They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust” – Karl Marx (Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981). Levy’s mentioning of holocaust sounds bewildering and strange to the ear of our contemporaries who are aware that holocaust, either revolutionary or not or Nazi type took its victim later on from Levy’s own people.

To clarify his way and manner to achieve his utopian goal he further wrote:”…will convince the nations that there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.” – Karl Marx (“The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna,” Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 7, 1848). Here he replaced revolutionary holocaust with revolutionary terror as the mean by which he imagined to reach his ill-minded and ill-founded objectives.

Regarding the fate of people, Engels expresses communism point of view quite clearly. “[A general war will] wipe out all these petty hidebound (abfall in Deutsch is the terminology he used which means trash- kardox) nations, down to their very names. The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only of reactionary classes and dynasties, but also of entire reactionary peoples. And that, too, is a step forward.” – Friedrich Engels (“The Magyar Struggle,” Neue Rheinische Zeitung, January 13, 1849). Curious reader might be pondering on the point of world war that Engels broached for the first time in the history way before world war one occurred, with some, if not all, of those characteristic that Engels gave to such war. Annihilation war is of significant, maybe the only, instrumental value and importance for communism to materialise their aims according to its founder. Communism became reality thanks and due to the WWI and reinforced by WWII and Japan-China War, Korean War and Vietnam War as Engels wished for. Communism ostensible reliance on war especially war on huge and global dimension and scale, is yet another illustration of characteristics of each and any alien and inhuman notion have been imposed on humanity. Religion took that way and pattern in its developmental way far before Engels recommendation. In fact the alien nature of communism to the ordinary social life, is the essential factor that each and every petty communist or self-proclaimed worker parties around the world, resorted to war of some kind in order to establish and to impose their alien entities on the society with some degree of success.

Darwinism as the communism twin contemporaneous counterpart played the role of complementary of communism in regard to western racism. Darwinism emerged as a pseudoscience of biology and established itself on a biologically impossible assumption of acquiring new genes by living entities under the so-called natural selection and ever changing environments.The original title of the first edition of Darwin’s book is: “The origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the straggle for life (highlight – kardox)”, its racial and discriminatory conveyance needs no interpretation or comments.

In 1890 Charles Darwin in his writing “decent of man” asserted his own racist abffale and wrote “at some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world… the break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state… and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and gorilla.” Darwin was so profoundly and utterly infected by infectious, prevalent racist pandemic and European endemic of scientific racism that he easily excluded major part of human, numerically, from the effect of his theory of evolution while he applied that theory to every form of life, including animal kingdom. His theory also is not applicable to women by the way. Darwin suggestion means that, in order his baseless theory produce perfect results socially, those excluded savage races must be exterminated. No sane and sound person could have uttered such a disgusting and inhuman notion and sell it out as scientific achievements.   

Francis Gallon, Darwin’s cousin and the world’s most renounced notorious eugenicist, explained what Darwin had in mind when he mentioned savage races of man. He wrote that “…average Negroes possess too little intellect, self-reliance, and self-control to make possible for them to sustain the burden of any respectable form of civilization without a large measure of external guidance and support”.

Relied on such recorded expressed abfalle of pioneering fathers of scientific racism’s approach and view and their so-called historical determinism, communism and their devised Social Engineering accompanied by its affiliated Darwinism and social Darwinism, Eugenic and the hoax of Phrenology, perpetrated some of the most hideous crime against humanity to the extent and level that yet to be matched by any other inhuman dogmas and doctrines. The disappointing and desponding part of the scientific racism saga is that it is ongoing and going on still. Killings in Fergusan and New York are just the last product of that malady.

Scientific racism alongside speculative pseudoscience of Freudian nonsense and Orientalism in its many different forms, have been incorporated into the modern day, all-encompassing phenomenon ironically called Public Relation. Having every means in their disposal, Public Relation practitioners, as they eager to call themselves, are in the position to apparently manage almost all major and minor social occurrences in the way they obliged to. Public Relation paved the way to re-emergence of religious racism and discrimination of Islamism. This phenomenon rely on millennia old way and manner of discrimination and as such it becomes a serious plague and scourge menacing the fate of humanity. Killing of more than 140 people in Peshawar school attack, 16th December 2014, is the last of long list of Islamism prehistoric atrocities around the world. Public Relation practitioner’s strategy and involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq wars and particularly in instigating the so-called Arab Spring, deliberately or otherwise, practically propelled Islamism terrorism to the global stage. Islamic State (ISIS) is the last stage of the Islamism that frankly and defiantly, singing their macabre song and dancing their macabre dance, legitimised rape, paedophile, slavery, massacre, beheading according to the Islam’s scripture. Public Relation as a whole and its scientific racism in particular, accomplished its assigned tusks in such a way that Islamism terrorism flourished and became a serious challenge not only to humanity but even to public relation itself. Scientific racism, embedded in public relation, in action begot Islamism terrorism and revived religious racism. Humanity faces double edged sword of racism and racial discrimination: scientific one and its recent by-products. It is this reality of the matter that connects all sorts of atrocities around the world from Fergusan to New York, to Nigeria, to Kenia, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Australia etc etc.   


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17 December 2014