کەژاڵ نوری : هەواڵێک سەبارەت بە دەقی واڵای ئەگەر لەپاریس ئەژیام .

ئەرک نەبێت، کلیک بکەرە سەر سمبولی فەیسبووک، ئەم بابەتە بنێرە سەر بەشەکەت


ئەگەر لە پاریس ئەژیام  ” وەرگیردرایە سەر زمانی ئینگلیزی و بەم کارەش بۆ هەشتەمین زمانی جیهانی وەرگیردرا .

شاعیری گەنج و دانیشتوی ولاتی ئەمریکا لە ولایەتی فێرجینیا بەریز کاک ( گۆران رەحیم ) کە خۆی خاوەنی چەندین دیوانە شعریە بەزمانی ئینگلیزی و بەزمانی ئینگلیزی شعرەکانی خۆی لە راگەیاندنەکانی ئەو ولاتەدا بلاو ئەکاتەوە ، دەقی والای ( ئەگەر لەپاریس ئەژیام ) کە بۆ ٣ ژنە شەهیدەکەی پاریس نوسراوە وەرگیرایە سەرزمانی ئینگلیزی و لەماوەی داهاتوودا دەقەکە بەزمانی بەئینگلیزی بەناو ناوەندەکانی راگەیاندنی دەرەوەدا بلاو دەبیتەوە ،، شایانی باسە کاکە گۆران یەکیکە لەو کەسانەی کە لە بواری سیاسەتدا کاردەکات و وەک شاعیریک لە بواری ئەدەبدا لەئەمریکا ناسراوەو هەموو شعرەکانیشی بەزمانی ئینگلیزی دەنوسیت و خاوەنی جەندین کتیبی جاپ کراوی شعری یە لەئەمریکا ،،

لیرەوە وەک کەژال نوری خاوەنی دەقی ئەگەر لەپاریس ئەژیام بەتوندی دەستی ماندونەبوونی کاکە گۆران دەگوشم و رای دەگەیەنم کە بەم کارە دەقی ئەگەرلە پاریس ئەژیام هەشتەمین کاری وەرگیرانی بۆ سەر زمانە زیندووە جیهانی یەکان بۆکرا .

فەرموون لەگەل وەرگیرانەکەی کاکە گۆران رەحیم

If I lived in Paris ,

On every street, I would have burned a planet

On every street, I would have broken the glass of a car

By the emulsion paint of red

I would have written on every display glass of the markets.

I would have brought the brush of Salvador Dali

And covered every house of this city in red


I would have painted the rocks and wood of Shanzelize as

A bloody rock of the peak of Qandil after

The martyr of a guerrilla.

In front of every home

I would stick a flag of Kurdistan.

If I lived in Paris ,

By black paint

In every bus station i would have written

You were the one who signed Sykes-picot

And in Luzent

You brought history of Kurds to this day.

If I lived in pairs ,

Now like Alya Majeed

I would have taken off the clothes of every blonde and light-eyed woman

And covered them with the flag of Kurdistan.

If I lived in pairs,

I would have broken all of the bulbs of the streetlights by the stones of a slingshot

And replaced each of them with a shoe of a martyr guerrilla

And for the campaign of human right

I would have made it the symbol of innovation .

If I lived in pairs ,

I would have destroy the stage set of every play


I would have ripped apart all the posters of art galleries .

I would have told them

I am announcing the end of your mozart , bg , and chopin .

If I lived in Paris ,

I would have ringed the bell door of every home

And said

You must all remain silence for a minute,

Today from the highest church of the city

Ghassemlou is ringing the bell of mourn

And for the terror of the three Kurdish activist women

He is questioning your history and making your city a chaos .

If I lived in pairs ,

I would have taken out king ( clovis ) the first from the grave ,

I would have said for the status of honor of the kingdom

With Princess Louise

Walk in front and

Carry the casket of Cansiz on your shoulders.

If I lived in Paris ,

I would have taken away the Alps from its place

And relocated it to the room of (APO) in the island of Imrali

And made it a citadel for north of Kurdistan.

I would have kicked Eiffel and

I would take this year’s newroz to

The top of Mont Blanc.

If I lived in Paris

Today I would have hacked the programs of TV screens

And put a message for the Kurds of that country on ,

Let all of us protest on the grave of Charlemagne.

If I lived in Paris ,

In one day

I would have dismissed

Topography of Gala,

In one week

I would have ruin the demography of

The kingdom of medieval .

If I lived in Paris ,

For forty days I would have taken the mourn

To the home of Hollande ,

And I would have told him

Why this city of yours

That had no cover of rest for Ocalan

Now it is full of bullets terrorists and slogan

For terror of a nation with no identity


If I lived in Paris ..

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ئەرک نەبێت، کلیک بکەرە سەر سمبولی فەیسبووک، ئەم بابەتە بنێرە سەر بەشەکەت